Robert E. Ehlers

California Department of Education, Sacramento,
Consultant, Adult Education, Continuation Education, and Educational Options, 1969 - 1995

Riverside Unified School District,
Instructor, Counselor, Continuation School Principal/Founder, 1958 - 1969

Corona Unified School District,
High School Instructor, 1956 - 1958

Kimberly, Wisconsin,
Adult Education and High School Instructor, 1954 - 1956

Uniqueness of each local education agency.

Excerpt from an interview with:
May 31, 1995
Elk Grove, California

Would you have your own nominations for … whether you want to call them demonstration sites or exemplary schools or ideal places to visit if you want to see a good adult school? Any special programs that you've become familiar with that you'd like to —

Yes, I would. Every one in my region was exemplary.

Oh, how nice! [Laughter]

No, there are some.… You know, each program is unique. Now, we've got … let's just take a couple examples. We've got districts that are [primarily located] in retirement centers: Acalanes. You know, probably 80 percent of their program is in senior programs. Santa Cruz is the same thing, a lot of retirement people there. You'll go to some places where 80 percent of their effort is in ESL, and I think they're each exemplary in their particular area. It's difficult in California because of the uniqueness of all of our communities to have uniqueness in all ten areas. But you get some of your larger programs, they cover all the bases, and I'm thinking [of] some of the ones in Santa Clara County, Alameda County. You know, I had a lot of programs in that area, but then we've got some little new-start programs with 15 units of a.d.a. where they've maybe generated 5 or 6, and they're doing some great things in one or two classes there. But I think it's the dedication of the people that were doing the programs.