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Paul Belomy




INTERVIEWS June 12 and July 11, 2001

[Tape 1, Side A]

Background — Transition to adult education — Fremont Adult School, Sunnyvale — Mentors - Expansion of program — School profile — Proposition 13 — Federal grants — Move to Santa Clara — Separation from MAEP - Starting a new adult school — Early school profile — Independent study — Federal grants at Santa Clara — School age mothers' program — Consolidation of five alternative programs into Educational Options — Student activities — Graduation —Impact of amnesty — Competency based adult education

[Tape 1, Side B]

Concurrent enrollment — Reform legislation — New adult schools authorized — Small schools — Relationships between adult schools and district offices — Lottery money — Discrepancy in revenue limits — Fiscal problems — Direct and indirect costs — Educational philosophy — Cooperation among adult schools — Professional organizations — Public relations and the California State Consortium for Adult Education.

[Tape 2, Side A]

California State Consortium for Adult Education (continued) — Advisory roles and committee work — Relationships between the field and the California Department of Education — Five percent funds and distance learning — Learning Networks — Local leadership training - Leadership Institute and Academy — Other administrative training

[Tape 2, Side B]

The Nordstrom of adult education: customer service — Executive Development Program - Professional Resources Outreach System/PROS — Continuing work since formal retirement — Wishes and recommendations for California adult education — Influential individuals during career — Frustrations of career

[Tape 3, Side A]

Major accomplishments and most satisfying aspects of career