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James A. Figueroa




INTERVIEW May 17, 2001

[Tape 1, Side A]

Early career — First ESL class — Transition to adult education — ABE office instructional consultant — Los Angeles adult education system — ROC/P programs — Size of Los Angeles adult education — Class locations — Size of staff — Profile of first ESL class — ABE consultant staff — Trends and issues of the 1960's — Funding — Start of federal grants — Community college work — Moving into administration — Evans Community Adult School — Cultural diversity — Southeast Asian refugees — Trends and issues of the

1970's - Proposition 13 — Roosevelt Community Adult School

[Tape 1, Side B]

Roosevelt Community Adult School, continued — Trends and issues of the 1980's — Diploma Plus — GAIN — Mentors — Previous leaders of Los Angeles adult education — Becoming Director of Adult Education — Concurrent enrollment — Director of Operations — Becoming Assistant Superintendent — Philosophy of adult education — Connecting the parent and child — Family background — Changing the Los Angeles system — History of Los Angeles adult education — Maintaining contact with faculty

and staff

[Tape 2, Side A]

District finances and budgets — Adult school facilities — Professional organizations — National leadership — Community and staff diversity — Working with multiple groups and communities within the district — Relationship with California Department of Education — Problems with concurrent enrollment — Reform legislation

[Tape 2, Side B]

Wish list and recommendations — Working with business — Job training —

Accountability —Honors received — Family literacy — Amnesty and citizenship

programs — Leadership in distance learning

[Tape 3, Side A]

Major accomplishments — Support from district — Job frustrations — An adult education family: Adriana Figueroa's career