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John Fleischman



[Tape 1, Side A] 175

Project overview — Information and Reference Service component — VESL Clearinghouse — Regional Resource Centers — Local technology plans — Training in use of technology – Initial development of OTAN — The vision for OTAN — Technology profile in 1990 — Background of John Fleischman — Right to Read project — L.A. County jail program —

Developing instructional programs for computers – Video production — ABE grant funding for computers — Technical support to field — Staff development and Regional Resource Centers under OTAN — Outreach to unfunded counties — Archives and history of California adult education

[Tape 1, Side B] 213

Electronic communication component — CONNECT — World Wide Web and the Internet — The OTAN Forum — Archives: oral history project – Instructional technology component — The planning process – State project collaborations: California Distance Learning Project, CASAS and Staff Development Institute projects with OTAN — Adult Education Unit support and use — Filing reports electronically

[Tape 2, Side A] 251

Other California Department of Education use — Use of technology for accountability — Technology profile in 1998 — Structuring change through technology — Impact of OTAN in California — Level of Use — Project evaluation — Local web sites — Impact: beyond California — The future of OTAN: operational funds, delivering direct instructional services, collaborations — Observations on project management

[Tape 2, Side B 289

Requiring technology plans — 5% innovative funding — Observations (continued)