Table of Contents

Lois Eross Hotchkiss




INTERVIEW, May 19, 1995

[Tape 1, Side A]

Adult education classes in Los Angeles, California, in the 1930's — Ethnicity of students — Experiences as woman officer in United States Naval Reserve during World War II — Adult education leadership in the post war era — Merit examinations for adult school principal at LAUSD.

[Tape 1, Side B]

State regulation of adult education in the 1950's — Upgrading and professionalization of adult school teaching staff — Supplemental federal programs — Part time teacher and tenure issues in adult education — Adult education teacher preparation programs and curriculum — Experiences as first woman adult school principal at LAUSD — Other early women in adult education leadership — Affirmative action initiatives in LAUSD — Organizations promoting gender equity.

[Tape 2, Side A]

Organizations promoting gender equity, continued — Junior college and adult school issues — Regional Occupational Centers and Programs in Los Angeles County — Adult vocational education at LAUSD — Adult English as a Second Language programs at LAUSD — Changing demographics of adult students at LAUSD — Adult education changes in response to changing student populations — Federal adult education programs from World War II through the 1990's.

[Tape 2, Side B]

Role of adult education in the education community in California — Formal college education contrasted to learning on the job — Reflections of a "woman ahead of my time."