Table of Contents

Thomas J. Johnson




SESSION 1, February 23, 1993

[Tape 1, Side A]

Education in Nebraska in the early 1950's--The beginning of Mount San Antonio College (California)--Adult education in California in the 1950's--The development of the community college concept--Adult education administrator associations in the 1950's--The establishment of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA)--Establishment of La Puente Valley Adult School in 1956--Adult Education in Colorado in the 1950's.

[Tape 1, Side B]

Criticism of adult education course titles in the late 1950's--Parent education in California under the leadership of Milton Babitz--Memories of E. Manfred Evans--History of the vocational education movement in the United States beginning with the Smith-Hughes Act--Career education--Establishment of Valley Vocational Center (VVC) in 1964--Memories of vocational staff in the sixties--Touring Japanese educators at the vocational school--The first Vocational Education Act (VEA) proposal which started VVC--Removing barriers to adult student participation in vocational training using creative scheduling and providing child care and transportation--Memories of adult education in Los Angeles in the sixties.

[Tape 2, Side A]

La Puente's first application for federal Adult Basic Education funding for literacy instruction--Beginnings of Cosmetology vocational training in 1966--Memories of the first vocational education staff.

SESSION 2, February 24, 1993

[Tape 2, Side A]

Effects of federal funding of adult basic education and vocational education on adult education in La Puente--Coordination with the California Employment Development Department (EDD)--Comparison of features of various federal programs supporting vocational training--Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) features--Coordination with the California Department of Rehabilitation--Split between community colleges and public school districts--Examples from San Diego and San Francisco--Adult education finance.

[Tape 2, Side B]

Delineation of function agreements between adult schools and community colleges--historical relationships between adult schools and community colleges--Adult school finance in the 1970's--Effects of the adult education a.d.a. cap and Proposition 13--Growth of concurrent enrollment of high school students--Effect of adult education reform bills of 1992--Importance of adult education to success of high school students--Advising California State Department of Education staff on adult education finance issues--Credit for the adult education reform bills of 1992.

[Tape 3, Side A]

Credit for the adult education reform bills of 1992 (con.)--Adult education finance in the 1970's and 1980's--Brokering apprenticeship training programs through Valley Vocational Center--Hacienda La Puente's fiscal problems with the apprenticeship fund.

SESSION 3, March 17, 1993

[Tape 3, Side A]

Applying for Vocational Education Act (VEA) funding to start Valley Vocational Center in 1964--Success of open entry/open exit scheduling--Establishment of programs for the handicapped--National awards given to La Puente in the 1970's--Allocation of federal vocational education funds in California.

[Tape 3, Side B]

Issues related to night and day scheduling of adult classes--Establishment of Correctional Education division for Los Angeles County jails--Assessment in the jail program--Memories of the jail program in the early days--Characteristics of correctional education--Working with the California (State) Department of Education to establish an adult independent study program--Developing adult high school diploma standards.

[Tape 4, Side A]

Developing adult high school diploma standards (con.)--Relationship of the high school diploma and the GED--Political issues related to federal funding of education for IRCA students in the 1980's--The effect of the Amnesty wave on local program--Hacienda La Puente's development of special curriculum for Amnesty students--Development of Vital Volunteer English curriculum--The importance of English as a Second Language courses--Rationale for programming students into concurrent vocational and basic skills training.

[Tape 4, Side B]

Professional associations for adult education administrators--Effect of collective bargaining on professional associations in California--Characteristics of ACSA--Establishment of the Mount San Antonio College Phi Delta Kappa chapter--Final reflections.