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Jaime Mercado





[Tape 1, Side A]

Background — Coming to the United States — Learning English — Education, fourth through tenth grades — Leaving high school — Early work experiences — Returning to and graduating from Mar Vista Adult School — Influence of teachers — Burke Mills, mentor — School experiences - Working and attending college — Anecdote from Palomar Continuation High School — Community activist: working in War on Poverty programs Political and administrative experience gained from community work — First jobs with Sweetwater district

[Tape 1, Side B]

First jobs with Sweetwater, continued — First principalship — Events leading to administrative credential: Carnegie Institute fellowship — Mar Vista High School principal: supervising his previous teachers — Palomar principal: good students, highs and lows — Weapons on campus — Comparison of continuation and adult schools — Major accomplishments at Palomar: innovative programs — Closing the circle: principal of adult school — Profile of National City Adult School — Accomplishments at National City — Student recognitions — Strength of adult education


[Tape 1, Side A]

Background: 30 years in Sweetwater adult education — Profile of Sweetwater adult education: communities, schools, programs, leadership — Adult high school program — Distance learning — Support services — Special programs: Head Start, CBET — Vocational programs — Model technology programs — Adult schools and community college partnerships — Student outcomes

[Tape 1, Side B]

Student recognition — Sweetwater adult education program recognition — Contributions to state adult education — Master Plan for Education in California and adult education — Contributions of Jaime Mercado — Other successful adult school alumni — District Hall of Fame — Strengths of Sweetwater adult education


[Tape 1, Side A]

Personal background — Becoming a teacher — Mar Vista High School — Mar Vista Adult School — Love of teaching — Influence of Ed Spies — Adult high school diploma program — Jaime Mercado as a student — Other special programs and students — Importance of adult education — Having Jaime Mercado as a principal: a role model — Continued involvement with students and education