Table of Contents

John W. Tibbetts




INTERVIEWS: October 21, 1994 and May 17, 1995

[Session 1, October 21, 1995: Tape 1, Side A]

Career transition to adult education — Development of Adult Education Center at San Francisco State University — Adult teacher training in California — Full time, part time instructors — Professional partnership with Dorothy Westby Gibson — Applied Performance Level Study — Beginnings of Competency—Based Adult Education in California — Competency—based curriculum projects — Three pronged approach to CBAE implementation — Competency–Based Adult Education Staff Development Project —State mandate for CBAE implementation — The team approach to implementation — Institutional Self Assessment Measure — Videotape series

[Tape 1, Side B]

The NOMOS study — Impact of government initiatives: refugees, job training, welware reform and amnesty — Evaluation of CBAE in California — Developing reading materials — Work in staff development at the national level — Need for evaluation of staff development — Work with professional organizations — Driving forces of adult education in California — Impact of work in other countries — Rewarding aspects of work

[Session 2, May 17, 1995: Tape 1, Side A]

Additional components of CBAE Staff Development — Factors in determining Consortium membership — Duties of Consortium members — Consortium activities — Summer Institute — Components of effective staff development — ABE Network — Leadership training — Teaching Improvement Process — Peer coaching — Demonstration site selection