Wartime Forties

Produced in 2005
Sacramento, CA

Music: In the Mood

Description: Famous photo of sailor kissing nurse upon his return from World War II; photo of hundreds of people gathering going to work in a defense plant; photo of women in coveralls working on airplanes in a defense plant.

Narrator: During World War II, California adult education responded to the request of the federal government to train persons for work in the defense program. From 1940 to 1945, nearly one million California workers were trained in defense classes.

Classes included pre-employment training for work in factories, farms, and offices; civilian defense and first aid classes; military services training programs such as flying, office, truck driving and maintenance.

Description: Three photos of women wearing hard hats working with power drills, on aircraft, and building artillery; black and white photo of Mr. Evans, heavyset with small mustache, wearing dark suit and tie.

Narrator: Leadership of the State Division of Adult Education was temporarily passed to E. Manfred Evans, who was loaned from his job as Supervisor of Adult Education of the Los Angeles Public Schools while George Mann was in the Navy.

During the war years, the California Council of Adult Education was formed. CCAE membership includes administrators, teachers, students, and community leaders who advocate and support adult education. The organization has been a strong influence in developing a quality adult education program in California.

Description: Red slide with gold CCAE logo