Roaring Twenties

Produced in 2005

Musical intro: That’s The Way We Do the Varsity Drag; photo of woman's legs dancing; flapper (woman) and man in tuxedo pictured: photo of Babe Ruth swinging a baseball bat; Charles Lindberg pictured standing in front of his airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis;

Narrator: During the Roaring Twenties, California's Americanization program expanded and became more professional. At the same time, adult education progressed from a way to serve immigrants to a means of meeting the educational needs of all adults.

In 1921, legislation was passed requiring that Americanization classes be formed when requested by 25 or more people. This mandate for adult education is still a part of the California Education Code.

Description: Red slide with gold lettering showing 1921 — Legislation was passed for Americanization classes

Narrator: Classes were conducted where the foreign born were, sometimes in rented store buildings and community centers.

Description: Photo showing store building with two men standing out front and a second of a community center with crowd gathered out front among old cars and bicycles; photo showing a city scene in the 1920s

Narrator: They were scheduled at times convenient to them — morning, afternoon, or evening. The California tradition of education on demand, any time, any place, any pace, had been established.

Description: Slide showing 3000 teacher certified to teacher Americanization classes by 1924.

Narrator: Courses for training teachers for Americanization classes were developed and a special credential was issued. Special techniques for teaching adults were recognized. The first State Plan for Adult Education was presented at a conference at Asilomar by Ethel Richardson, then Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction for Americanization. Reorganization in the State Department of Education recognized the importance of adult education. In 1926, the Bureau of Parent Education was formed. In 1927, the Division of Adult Education was formed. Ethel Richardson Allen was the first chief.

Description: Slide showing timeline: 1926 – Bureau of Parent Education; 1927 – The Division of Adult Education formed: photo of stately woman wearing dark dress with wide white collar and pillbox hat.