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Meeting the Challenge:
A History of California Adult Education
From the Beginnings to the Twenty-First Century

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I. Beginnings Through the Wartime Forties

  • Beginnings
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Depression Thirties
  • Wartime Forties


II. Characteristics of the California Adult Program in the Fabulous Fifties

  • Adult Education Governance in the Fifties
  • Adult Education Finance in the Fifties
  • Adult Education Programs in the Fifties


III. The New Federal Role and Adult Program Growth in the Sixties

  • Federal Adult Basic Education Initiatives
  • Growth of Vocational Education
  • The Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962
  • The Vocational Education Act of 1963
  • The Work Incentive Program
  • Regional Occupational Centers and Regional Occupational Programs
  • Separation of Community Colleges
  • Adult Education Funding in the Sixties
  • Characteristics of Adult Education in the Sixties


IV. Changes in Governance and Finance in the Seventies

  • The Roller Coaster of Funding in the Seventies
  • Delineation of Functions of Adult Programs in School Districts and Community Colleges
  • Leadership in the Seventies


V. The Birth of CBE in the Seventies

  • The Competency Based Education Movement
  • Federally Funded State Projects
  • Educational Needs of Refugees
  • Characteristics of Adult Education in the Seventies


VI. Institutionalization of Competency-Based Education

  • The CBAE Mandate
  • CBAE Assessment - CASAS
  • CBAE Staff Development
  • Dissemination Network for Adult Educators
  • GED Teacher Academy
  • Job-Training Initiatives


VII. Response to Social, Economic and Political Changes Through the Eighties

  • Social and Economic Changes
  • Literacy Initiatives
  • Educational Programs in Correctional Facilities
  • Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN)
  • Programs for Amnesty Applicants
  • Legislation and Finance in the Eighties
  • Administration of Adult Education in the Eighties
  • Sunset Review & Strategic Planning


VIII. Innovative Strategies to Improve Literacy in the Nineties

  • Accountability Legislation
  • English Literacy and Civics Education
  • Influence of Technology on Instruction
  • Adult Secondary Education Issues
  • Governance Issues Revisited
  • A Look Forward


IX. Accountability and Outcomes in the Twenty-first Century

  • Toward a Literate Citizenry
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan
  • Federally Funded State Projects in the Early Nineties
  • Program and Finance Issues of the Late Nineties
  • Adult Education Federal Reform Legislation
  • Federally Funded Projects in the Later Nineties
  • The Effect of Welfare Reform on Adult Education
  • New Instructional Paradigms of the Nineties
  • Innovative uses of Technology
  • Leadership of Adult Education in the Nineties
  • Characteristics of Adult Education in the Nineties


A. Superintendents of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

B. Adult Education Management in the California Department of Education

C. Adult Education Consultants in the California Department of Education

D. California Presidents of Professional Organizations in Adult Education

E. California Adult Education Enrollment Statistics

F. Timeline of Significant Events in Adult Education in California

G. Federal Adult Education Projects

H. The California Adult Education Oral History Repository